Naval Equipment

Below, we detail an account of the material used in the work of blasting and painting used by our company in the shipping industry.

Composed extraction pump 40 kw electric motor. vacuum pump capable of moving 3,500 m3 / h with two mufflers to minimize noise from the pump. Taking advantage of making the vacuum flow, transport occurs desired item, either liquid or solid as is the case at hand, moving to the silo which accompanies the installation where the shot is stored remaining after blasting occur.

Extraction pump electric motor made ??100 HP taking advantage of making the flow of the liquid ring vacuum carries the desired item, both solid and liquid deposition. Its configuration allows you to be prepared for shipment at any time, it is mounted on a frame that facilitates the work of the same.

Liquid ring dust extractor
2 items of 125 HP, 12 items of 100 HP, 2 items of 75 HP

Extraction pump electric motor consists of taking advantage of making the flow of the liquid ring vacuum carries the desired item, both solid and liquid deposition. Its configuration allows you to be prepared for shipment at any time, it is mounted on a frame that facilitates the work of the same.

These storage equipment prior to blasting material (grit) and drive through it, through air under pressure is driven by means of a series of hoses and nozzles that eject the shot at high speed, that impacting the surface of the workpiece to be treated the same by eliminating machining attachments and unwanted particles for subsequent surface treatment. The teams are equipped with startup and shutdown by remote control.

Hopper 20 Tm
8 items

Large vessels used for storage of the grit and serves as a dispenser of quantities that are needed in each top of the sand.

Equipos de pintura
36 unidades

Bombas de alta presión que, por mediación de un sistema de vacío, absorben la pintura del recipiente impulsándola luego a muy alta presión por mediación de un sistema de latiguillos adaptados a estas presiones, trasladándola a la pistola de pintura, no añadiendo aire a la pintura que se emplea. Hay que destacar que los equipos de relación 70:1 con los que contamos son de gran potencia y alta calidad.

It is a stationary screw compressor equipped with a single stage compressor block with oil injection. In the crankcase of the compressor rotor supported by two bearings, operated or main rotor and the rotor side. As the rotors rotate the air is sucked into the tube top, while producing at the bottom of the compression process. The oil injected into the bottom of the heat absorbed during the compression process, preventing metal rotors rubbing sealing the gaps between the rotors and the housing and at the same time lubricates the bearings. The mixture of compressed air and oil leaves the compressor block the tubing pressure. The above unit is equipped with refrigeration dryer unit, which removes moisture to compressed air and then heated to prevent condensation on it.

It is stationary screw compressors of a single stage, air injection. Driven by an electric motor, reaching a maximum working pressure of between 7.5 and 10 bar (e), these compressors are air cooled and housed in a body silencer, where his role is the front control module mail and stop buttons and start driving.

In turn, each unit is equipped with an air dryer to remove moisture to the air cooling this to near freezing. What this is achieved is to increase the humidity, making doing to condense water and oil, which contains automatically purged. Air is then heated to a temperature of 10 degrees Celsius, reducing the temperature of incoming air, so that no condensation occurs. The entire assembly is housed in a container that give units an excellent accessibility to all internal components of the compressor, isolated from the weather and work area, and greatly facilitate the transportation of the same.

This is a simple screw compressor with oil injection stage powered by an electric motor which is cooled by air, placed in a container authorized for this purpose, and that along with the cooler form a unit, ready for transport to workplace.

Munters MA Dehumidifiers
4 items of 5000 m3, 2 items of 2500 m3, 4 items of 10.000 m3

During the blasting and painting operations in tanks, it is necessary to provide and maintain the space to deal with certain conditions of relative humidity and temperature for the correct application of paints with security guarantees appropriate to the features requested in the technical of them. To preserve these optimal conditions of temperature and humidity dehumidifiers use so-called, that based on a rotor drying absorption (combined effect of ventilation and extraction) that rotates slowly while posing are two separate air flows. Process air moisture is removed in the drying wheel and out of the dehumidifier as dry air. Reactivation hot air absorbs moisture from the drying wheel and leaves the dehumidifier in humid air. This principle provides a continuous air dehumidification process with easy to control capacity. These dehumidifiers have a processing capacity of 10,000 m3 (cubic meters) and 2,500 m3 (cubic meters) of air per hour, respectively for this using a series of resistors that allow them to reach the 150 degree heat, reducing the relative humidity and increasing the temperature inside the tank.

Its shape and dimensions are not the same as the other dehumidifiers, but the way it works and the method of extraction of humidity is based in the same principles as the others. The capacity of this dehumidifer is 5000 mm3/hr.

Axial step air vents with fixed profiled vane impeller, made with light alloy and with a protective housing and anti-spark material. The body of the vent is made of rolled steel with directions and bag opened to the engine, composed by the axis, bearings and coupling plate. Asynchronous triphasic engine. Shortcircuited rotor and Sch construction.

The engine is situated in the open to the exterior bag, allowing the refrigeration by its own fan, receiving the cool air from its placement and avoiding contacting with extracted gas. Its flow is 7.200-10.800 m3/hr. These vents / extractors have FAR type noise cancellers, with exterior steel housing and threaded s for its ion to the fan. The inside is made of electrosolar galvanized double mesh. Interior refill of humidity resistant mineral wool. Suspension system for assembly in fan installation. Earmuffs to connect serial buffers, designed to the aspiration and the impulsion of the vent.

Its a compact filter device, container type, designed for fixed and mobile installations. Its principle is the following: polluted air is sucked by the centrifugal fan through the ventilation duct and the filter chamber from the hose collector, and the clean air gets out by the exit caraway, while dust and particles remain in the filter chamber, passing clean air through the aspiration duct. CF-20 of 20.000 m3/hr. It allows the aspiration and filtration of dust in an ecological way, without emissions.

  • Jet hoses
  • Carbides paint hoses
  • Paint guns
  • Auxiliar vents
  • Shakers
  • Paint thermoheater
  • Jet special device Spont-jet: it uses a conglomerate of various material particles, depending on the object to be jet and the desired quality. Its main advantage is that the environment around gets quite clean, without risks for the operator or the environment, and jet stuff is 90% recyclable, so it is environment friendly because of its null particle emission. Cleaning times get low, and versatility and transportabilty grows. It is an essential tool in those operations with special features, inaccesible to other equipments.
  • Containers for painting operations
  • Quality control devices: with the last technology and supported by a computerized and accurate monitoring, and also with specialized professionals in quality control who constantly evaluate the operators works, meeting customer specifications.
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